Robert U. Montgomery

October 2020

Halloween Treat From Book That You Will Enjoy Year Around


Halloween is one of the times that I remember best from my childhood, a simpler time when many Baby Boomers were growing up. This is an excerpt from "Dracula's Disciple" in Under the Bed: Tales From An Innocent Childhood. If you were a child during the 50s, 60s, or 70s, this book will take you back in time and awaken your own fond memories.

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Big Sam Anecdote and Tips

Sam from Steve

Born on a houseboat in 1937, Sam Griffin started guiding on Florida’s Lake Okeechobee when he was 12.

“Back then, the compression on those motors was too much for me to crank 'em so the customer had to come back there and pull the rope,” Griffin remembered. "I could run it all right. That lasted about a year and then I got strong enough to do it myself."

Along with the 5 horsepower outboard, the youngster's guiding tools included a push pole, oars, canoe paddle, and sculling paddle.

"The more I fished the marshes, the more I learned where the fish liked to stay," Sam said.

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