Robert U. Montgomery

Halloween Treat From Book That You Will Enjoy Year Around


Halloween is one of the times that I remember best from my childhood, a simpler time when many Baby Boomers were growing up. This is an excerpt from "Dracula's Disciple" in Under the Bed: Tales From An Innocent Childhood. If you were a child during the 50s, 60s, or 70s, this book will take you back in time and awaken your own fond memories.

Clad in outlandish garb, just as were the creatures from the 1984 movie "Gremlins," we tossed popcorn boxes and candy wrappers at one another. We spilled drinks in each other’s laps. We yelled and screamed with fright and delight. Occasionally, some of us lost shoes that stuck to the floor as we fled nonstop horrors projected on the big screen, including a teen-age werewolf, a thing from another planet, and a giant tarantula.

The sight that sent me screaming in the dark but chaotic theater, however, was a closeup of a fanged beauty from Horror of Dracula. As she snarled--- or maybe grinned--- bright red blood dripped from daggerlike teeth. I still remember how exquisitely frightened I was as I burst through the doors into the lobby and the inviting glow of the popcorn machine.

Eyes wide and breathing deeply, I felt as if I had just escaped Dracula’s vault and burst into the warm embrace of sunlight. Had they been available, I might have bought a cross or some garlic at the counter. But since they were not, I picked up some Milk Duds.